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Quality & Care


Gold-filled jewelry is durable and maintains its color and shine throughout a lifetime of wear. The bonding process, containing 15xmore gold than a plated piece, makes it indistinguishable from solid gold jewelry when worn.

CARE: Gold-filled is tarnish resistant and can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly. 

Oxidized Sterling silver

Oxidized sterling silver refers to sterling silver that has undergone the process of intentionally darkening the metal’s sufrace. The result is a patina that gives the silver a darker, richer appearance. Over tiem and with wear, the oxidized finish may naturally evolve adding to the character of the piece.

CARE: If your oxidized silver needs cleaning - gently use a soft cloth to remove dirt and oils. Do not use jewelry cleaning dips or silver polishing cloths that may strip the oxidized surface.

Gold vermeil

Gold vermeil jewelry is made by coating sterling silver with a thick layer of gold. To qualify as vermeil, the gold layer must be 2.5 microns thick. This provides a longer lasting and more durable finish compared to regular gold plating.

CARE: Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, and excessive moisture. CLean gently with soft cloth to remove dirt and oils.