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behind the brand

With over a decade in the business, designer Miranda Frye has taken a bold step into the world of men's jewelry, introducing a line of timeless pieces. She recognized the need for a men's jewelry line when she noticed her husband and son's persistent interest in her jewelry, leading her to envision a collection that would not only complement their active lifestyles but also satisfy the desire for stylish, enduring pieces. Crafted from durable metals, these creations are not just accessories; they're symbols of refinement and strength. The collection offers a distinctive fusion of style, durability, and affordability, making high-quality men's jewelry accessible to a broader audience. Whether it's a rugged chain bracelet, a classic signet ring, or a versatile necklace, Miranda Frye's men's jewelry is designed to be more than just an accessory - it's an investment in enduring style for the modern man.