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Article: Inspired By

Inspired By

Inspired By


Inspiration can strike at any time. Our design team pulls inspo from both vintage and modern styles, seasons, and even individuals they know and love. Though our current looks are inspired by a wide range of muses all around us, we are excited to introduce you to some of our favorites inspired by a few of our Miranda Frye team members! 


Chloe Bracelet

The delicate and effortless Chloe Bracelet is the perfect balance of etched detail and stylish simplicity. Launched in 2016, this bracelet remains an MF favorite! The Chloe Bracelet was inspired by our Creative Director, Chloe, who works alongside Miranda on the Design Team and ensures the heart of Miranda Frye Jewelry remains prevalent in all we do. 

Chloe stacks the Chloe Bracelet with the Meggan Bracelet and Noel Cuff, then tops off the look with the Haven Ring, an Ella Stacking Ring & the Daniella Ring.


Daniella Ring

The bold and chic Daniella Ring is part of our Summer 2021 line. Inspired by our Social Media Strategist, Daniella, we were so excited to add this classic knot style to our own personal ring stacks! Fun fact: Daniella is a latte enthusiast and started Latte Fridays here at the MFHQ!

Daniella stacks her Daniella Ring with a Colleen Stacking Ring and the Ella Stacking Rings on her pinky. Pictured on her wrist are the Noel Cuff, Meggan Bracelet & Haven Cuff.




Amanda Necklace

The Amanda Necklace launched in Fall 2020 and is an updated take on the classic slinky necklace. Its inspiration, Amanda, is part of our hardworking shipping team, and has a background in Journalism and Advertising. Keep following along with the World of MF blog and you’ll surely get to read some of her stellar writing, as she is also one of our staff writers.

Amanda layers her Amanda Necklace with the Loren Necklace & Irene Chain—both pieces from the Summer 2021 collection, our latest drop.


Deanna Stacking Rings

Another standout from our Summer 2021 line, the Deanna Stacking Rings are available in sizes 4-10, and fit effortlessly into any ring stack. Our Head of Marketing, Deanna, was the inspiration for this style. Sign up for our emails so you can catch the Frye-Day Edit, our monthly newsletter Deanna started back in December of 2020.

Deanna is wearing the Deanna Stacking Rings on her pinky and completes her stack with the Daniella Ring. Adding on to the mixed metal look, she also wears the Somewhere, Lately Bracelet, Meggan Bracelet & Naomi Bracelet.


Jodee Ear Cuff

Our update on the classic cuff is the Jodee Ear Cuff. This bold yet dainty look was inspired by Jodee, who is part of our amazing Order Processing and Fulfillment team. It has a chain linking the cuff to a stud and gives you that ear party look you won’t want to take off—no double piercing required!

Jodee creates an ear party look with the Jodee Ear Cuff and Mel Huggies. She is also wearing the Loren Necklace with the Naomi Charm.


From our team members to our customers, we are so thankful for all of the inspiration and individuality surrounding us every day! You are the reason we strive to create styles that aid self-expression and authenticity. Keep an eye out for our next collection. We have a feeling the inspo will keep on coming!

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