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Article: Hoops & Huggies

Hoops & Huggies

Hoops & Huggies

From left to right: the Drew Huggies, Mel Huggies & Maxwell Huggies.


Worn solo or stacked, these hoops and huggies have what it takes to create a look that’s all YOU. 


Rylan Hoops 

Our NEWEST set of hoops, the Rylan Hoops bring a little bit of sexy to this classic design. Bold enough to stand alone, they’re also the finishing touch to any other ear party piece from the Fall 2021 collection. 

At the Miranda Frye Studio: the Rylan Hoops, from the Fall 2021 collection.
Ana wearing the Mallory Ear Cuff, Cadence Studs, and Rylan Hoops--all from the Fall 2021 collection.


Naomi Hoops

These hoops have it all. A bold braided texture in a classic shape will have you pairing them with every look! The Naomi Hoops were created in collaboration with @naomiboyer, so be sure to follow her on Instagram for even more inspo and check out the rest of the MF X Naomi Boyer collection.

At the Miranda Frye Studio: the Naomi Hoops.
Naomi Boyer wearing the Naomi Hoops and Naomi Necklace, from the MF x Naomi Boyer collection.


Drew Huggies

A classic rounded silhouette, the Drew Huggies pull off a bold but chic look that works with any ear party. Try them with a mix of smaller huggies for a modern and sophisticated pairing. 

From top to bottom: the Mel Huggies, Drew Huggies, and Maxwell Huggies
From left to right, the Drew Huggies, Mel Huggies, and Maxwell Huggies.


Kierza Huggies

Beautifully detailed with a sparkling stone, the Kierza Huggies will become your new staples. Wear them solo or make ‘em bold with the Rae Earrings!

At the Miranda Frye Studio: the Kierza Huggies.
Chloe wearing the Kierza Huggies and Rae Earrings.


Mel Huggies

Truly a must-have, the Mel Huggies are a classic, sleek and versatile set. Make them your own by adding your favorite earring charms.

Olivia wearing the Mel Huggies and the latest earring charms: the Addison Earring Charms.


Minimal, trendy, bold or sophisticated - these hoops and huggies are sure to add a personal touch to your ear parties! We can’t wait to see how you show them off!

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