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Article: MF x Naomi Boyer

MF x Naomi Boyer

MF x Naomi Boyer

Naomi Boyer wears, at left, the Naomi hoops, Naomi necklace, and Naomi bracelet. At right, Naomi wears the Emmy rings, an Ella stacking ring, Haven ring, Stella bracelet, and Naomi bracelet.



Our latest collaboration has dropped!  Instagram influencer, Naomi Boyer, spent some time with us and provided the inspiration for this small (but mighty) line.  Featuring a pair of chunky hoops and an updated take on the classic paper clip necklace, the Naomi collection is sure to inspire you as well. Read on to hear Naomi’s thoughts on the collection, style, and her goals for the new year. 


What do you love about the collection?

I love that this collection is bold, yet you can still pair it with so many other MF pieces and wear them dressed up or down.  You can easily make any basic outfit cool with these pieces and they’re simple enough that they won’t overpower the outfit. 


MF x Naomi Boyer

In the Miranda Frye Studio, the Naomi hoops and Naomi bracelet.


What does confidence mean to you? 

Confidence is not being ashamed of who you are, what you like, how you do things, etc.... and being proud of that. It’s also not caring about what people may think and just going out there, taking risks, and believing in the power of you and what you can do. 


How would you describe your style? 

I like to describe my style as classic chic with a twist.  I love all of the timeless, classic pieces but I always want to try new trends and love incorporating them into the outfits I create. 


What inspires you? 

People on the street inspire me. People who have made it with very little inspire me. People who take the biggest risks with big belief inspire me


 All time MF faves? 

Of course, my collection—but also the Mackenzie necklace, the Alpha charm, Freda hoops, Brooklyn necklace and Erin necklace.

Naomi wears the Naomi hoops and Naomi bracelet.


Any goals for this year?  

To do better than I did last year in work and in general.  I also want to make sure I spend lots of quality time with my family and create lasting memories. 


Naomi wears the Naomi hoops, Amanda necklace, Naomi necklace, Eleanor chain, Fashion Jackson bracelet, Mackenzie bracelet, and Naomi bracelet.

We know Naomi is sure to have an amazing year ahead of her. From her timeless style, to her heart for others, her vibe is one that will always inspire. Whether it’s your first MF piece, or you’re adding to your collection, shop MF x Naomi Boyer today—we hope you find something you’ll love for years to come.


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